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Your startup's registration page is more important than your landing page

Posted by Olly Meakings | May 24, 2020

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Your startup's registration (or sign up) page is one of the most critical marketing assets. Potential buyers on this page have already indicated intent by clicking your sign up or add to cart CTA. So how can we ensure this part of the sign up of your funnel isn't costing you more visitors.

Why am I talking about registration pages?

I've spent the last 4 months reviewing 150 landing pages identifying opportunities to increase conversion. But my customers don't often realise that the landing page is just one page in your startup's sign up funnel. Once your user has hit sign up they are likely presented with a registration page.

Registration pages are full of friction

The registration page is critical. The user has made the decision the sign up or purchase. They are seconds away from becoming a customer. The problem is that this part of the flow is full of friction - form fields to complete, card details to enter, and often the sense of commitment to new work and process doubt.

They also introduce specific doubts: are my card details safe? Is my email safe? Am I going to get spammed? What happens next? Do I have time do this? Can I trust this company? Is this the right solution to my problem? Can they really help?

Increase registration page conversion

Just like other conversion pages we need to consider how we can increase the desire to complete the registration page and reduce the friction. Some things we might consider.

  • The number of form fields
  • The type of information being gathered
  • Accreditations detailed and guarantees offered
  • Inline testimonials and reviews
  • The format of the form - one, or multiple pages
  • The speed of the page
  • Our ability to leave and come back
  • The sales / complete CTA
  • The use of inline explanations 
  • The clarity of labels
  • Pre-populations
  • The use of video to support
  • The sales language used

Reviewed: 5 example high-converting registration pages to inspire you.

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