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How Nomad Cooks increased landing page conversion [before and after]

Posted by Olly Meakings | Jun 02, 2020

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Nomad Cooks implemented my advice and increased their landing page conversion. Here's how.

Nomad Cooks is a London-based business that lets you book professional chefs to cook in your own home. I roasted their original landing page to identify opportunities to increase conversion. There were lots of them.

Here's the before, after and results.


  • User presented with too many choices
  • Poor text legibility
  • No critical info or social proof above fold
  • Large logo makes it about company, not visitor
  • Headline was vague and not benefits focused


  • Obvious, consistent CTA 'Get Started'
  • Removal of friction - 'no credit card required'
  • Clear, concise testimonials above fold - repeating the headline claims
  • Show not tell with well-short video
  • Social proof - '200 guests served'
  • Benefits-based headline
  • (Further down page) - focus on the professional chefs as selling point


Nomad Cooks saw an increase on all metrics. Time on site, enquiries and confirmed bookings. They continue to iterate on their landing page using landing page tools and my feedback.

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