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Founders. Stop building. Stop marketing. Do this.

Posted by Olly Meakings | May 02, 2020

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The most critical document for startups who are kicking off marketing: the Buyer Persona.

[This is Part One of my marketing basics course]

Can you answer the following questions about your ideal customers?

  1. Who is your ideal customer? Name, age, education?
  2. Where do they work?
  3. What problem are they trying to solve?
  4. How do they currently solve this problem?
  5. What do they want in their role?
  6. What do they need in their role?
  7. How are they currently realising their objectives?
  8. How do they talk about their problem?
  9. Who influences them when they need advice related to their problem? The communities, blogs, search terms, podcasts?
  • Example 1: Coming soon
  • Example 2: Coming soon

The Buyer Persona is a fictional guide to your ideal customer. Create it fast and iterate often. The Buyer Persona informs landing page design, product prioritisation, support forms and style, sales and marketing messaging, and basically everything user-facing in your startup. Knowing your persona better than anyone else is a competitive advantage.

Some notes

  • Most startups have multiple buyer personas
  • Marketplaces have at least two - the buyer and seller
  • Always refine buyer personas as you learn more
  • Use online tools to create personas
  • There are lots of approaches. My view? Start lean and iterate.

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